welcome to NUMMECH Nummech Products is a United States manufacturer of paintball accessories and upgrades. Our facility hosts a fleet of precision CNC production equipment operated by experts in manufacturing. We create many OEM products and accessories used in multiple industries, both paintball and otherwise!

Our paintball accessories are created out of necessity. We avoid making common parts already available from other developers - there are plenty available elsewhere. Instead we offer specialty parts that other developers have ignored.

We're continuously developing new ways to customize your equipment as more people learn what we can offer. If you have an idea for a new upgrade, custom part, or simply a replacement item....don't be afraid to let us know! Virtually all of our products originally began as suggestions from other players that simply wanted something different. Thank you for your interest.

news & updates

AxePro VLP grip frames now available
Posted on February 3, 2017
Our newest upgrade grip frame is now available for the Empire AxePro 2015+ series of markers. This new frame is called the VLP grip frame because it includes a large low pressure internal air chamber that can boost velocity all by itself. Dust black is available right now; dust silver will come in a few weeks.

New threaded feedneck adapters unveiled
Posted on January 25, 2017
We're finally stocked up with all versions of our threaded feedneck adapter rings, which can be used to convert older markers toward using one of our latching feednecks. Multiple heights are available for many different thread specifications. Additionally, all our feedneck adapters have been consolidated onto a single store page, allowing an easy comparison between each version.

Expanded Unilock feedneck options now available
Posted on November 22, 2016
Players have been delivering suggestions and other info related to our specialized line of feednecks over the last year, so we've made some enhancements to the product lineup. First, a new low-profile feedneck housing is now available (dubbed the No-Rise Unilock) which is drastically shorter compared to most OEM feednecks. It's so short, in fact, that hoppers must be shortened to take advantage of the height change. The other update relates to a custom-machined thumbscrew that allows tool-free clamp adjustment. The thumbscrew is now a standard component on all feednecks from this point onward. Feednecks will be available in silver dust and silver gloss within a few weeks. (update: silver is now available!)

about us Nummech specializes in the manufacturing of machined products, component assemblies, and many other parts for non-paintball applications. We perform much of our own manufacturing and hire operators right out of the local colleges. Not only are we in the business of metal fabrication, but we're also in the business of training individuals to hone their own skills and ideas. Read more in the about us section.

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