welcome to NUMMECH Thank you for visiting our new website. Nummech is a manufacturer of paintball accessories and upgrades. We're currently in the process of expanding our initial product line for additional markers, so check back to see what we have to offer in the coming weeks. If you have an idea for a new upgrade, custom part, or simply a replacement item....don't be afraid to let us know! Virtually all of our products originally began as suggestions from other players that simply wanted something different.

Our products are created out of necessity. We avoid spending time on generic items already available from other developers - there are plenty available elsewhere. Instead we offer specialty parts that other developers have ignored.

We're continuously developing new and exciting ways to customize your equipment as more people learn what we can offer. Thank you for your interest.

news & updates

Drop-forwards and drop-backs for MiniGS and Axe Pro
Posted on November 22, 2015
As promised earlier, our new drop-forward and drop-back adapters are both available. These parts will fit both MiniGS and Axe Pro 2015+ since they both use the same bottomline ASA/regulator. Currently these are available in black and silver finish.

Axe Pro trigger guard and foregrip extender
Posted on October 10, 2015
We've recently unveiled our first couple upgrades for the Axe Pro marker, consisting of a new Pro foregrip extender and a giant trigger guard (we call it the Deep Guard). But wait there's more - we're also working on a new drop forward for the Axe Pro and Mini-GS, and a cool drop back adapter too. Those parts will be available within the next couple weeks in black and silver anodizing.

Fireaxe body availability
Posted on August 15, 2015
Earlier in the year we unveiled a total-custom Axe body project called Fireaxe. The bodies were finished up several months ago but we only just recently finalized the production batch to be ready for sale. If you'd like one of these bodies then you should try to grab one fairly quick, as they are extremely limited and we may never make any replacements!

about us Nummech specializes in the manufacturing of machined products, component assemblies, and many other parts for non-paintball applications. We perform much of our own manufacturing and hire operators right out of the local colleges. Not only are we in the business of metal fabrication, but we're also in the business of training individuals to hone their own skills and ideas. Read more in the about us section.

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